Split personality disorder

split personality disorder Split personality disorderSuffering from split personality disorder can be a very confusing and frustrating experience for those that have been diagnosed with the disorder. A loss of identity is often the first indicator of the disorder and can leave the patient unable to realize who they are as well as what is happening within their mind.

There are many probable causes that have been thought to be associated with split personality disorder. These include a trauma that is being withheld from the subconscious and therefore the individual creates a personality as a coping method to be able to forget about the trauma. Others believe that certain disorders within the brain can cause the disorder to form and the individual to create other personalities within the mind.

Signs of a split personality disorder may include a complete loss of identity and may even include the patient being unable to remember activities and events that have occurred while the person was under the control of the alter personality. Some experts believe that the individual may exhibit uncharacteristic changes in behavior, even in the base or the original personality and may recluse themselves from family members and friends – shutting out the support system. Other signs may include a gap in memories of certain events or the onset of depression and mood disorders.

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  1. George says:

    I mean can you die from split personality.

    ... on July April 18th, 2011
  2. Lucrecia says:

    my bf has a split personality named jessica, we both want to get rid of her but e dont know how, she’s gone as far as trying to force me to leave him to give him back control. please help

    ... on July August 9th, 2011
  3. tomika says:

    my bf have depression adhd and now i thing he has split personality i dont like it he lies to me sooo much now and he drinks and goes out girls ( friends) and i dont no wat he is doing cause he wont tell me :( i need help wat do i do please help me

    ... on July February 29th, 2012

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