Do You Have These Symptoms of Anger Disorders?

Anger Disorders Do You Have These Symptoms of Anger Disorders?Anger can be a positive emotion and normally surfaces in the face of fear, sadness and any other emotional disturbance. Anger was a predominant emotion in the previous centuries but its role has diminished today. The situations feasible for positive anger are very few nowadays and they have been replaced by chronic anger. Anger disorders are very difficult to deal with because the patient is unable to accept and acknowledge that he has a problem. He will only come to his senses after the damage is done. But anger can be identified by recognizing symptoms of anger disorders. If these symptoms are observed carefully, then steps can be taken to overcome this dreadful malady.


  • Anger disproportionate to trigger – This does not include a foul mood which occurs at times, but takes into account the intensity of your anger outbursts for very trivial reasons. This is one of the common symptoms of anger disorders which can tell you that you are not acting normally.
  • Angry for no reason – You might be prone to attacks of anger even when you are least likely to think about it.
  • People on their guard – A careful observation will tell you that the people around you might be behaving very cautiously while talking to you lest they might make you angry. This is also one of the symptoms of anger disorders which will tell you that you are in trouble.
  • Anger has caused personal harm – You might have been involved in incidents where your business may have been affected, when you have violated the traffic rules or have destroyed property because of one of these fits of anger.
  • Warnings by several people – Many people may have warned you that you have an anger disorder. It is good if you heed these warnings in time especially when it happens quite regularly.

If you have these symptoms of anger disorders, then you can consult a counselor who will teach you several anger management techniques. You will soon be a normal person again.

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  1. darbie says:

    My best friend/boyfriend(when he is nice) brought to my attention that his behavior may have a name…my concern is that he has no intention of ever confronting or dealing with the one thing that is probably going to keep him at a standstill in his search for something in life…I know him so well..he is dear to me and he thinks he prefers to be angry and downright cruel because anything else is weak or vulnirablility…please tell me he isn’t a lost cuase…:) :(

    ... on July April 15th, 2010
  2. daptiyeh says:

    Dear Darbie,

    i am sure it does but then people just stop being around, so at that time the only thing he can do is be at peace with himself and just make him feel that he is special for you. Angry people just need that one special person who can withstand and be around in that state. Surely, your friend does not mean any harm to you.

    ... on July May 1st, 2010
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    ... on July June 2nd, 2010
  5. chad says:

    i think people with anger propblems just need a gun thats all so what are we geting are hubbie for xmas

    ... on July September 2nd, 2010
  6. Nia martin says:

    I have anger disorder bad I know I do but my parents don’t what do I do

    ... on July October 8th, 2010
  7. Emma says:

    My parker is getting angry all the time lately and I am at my wits end, in all the time I’ve known him he has never got angry at all it’s only being very recent and I just don’t know what to do 4 him anymore it’s hurting at me and my little baby girl, please give me some advice

    ... on July March 19th, 2011
  8. Jill says:

    Dear writer of this page,
    I feel as if I have an anger disorder because I tend to loose my temper quite frequently and go off the walls for small issues. I have much guilt from the way I act towards others mostly my dad or I feel as if I cant control my emotions and anger no matter how hard I try and when im least expecting the outburst. Should I seek help?

    ... on July October 18th, 2011
  9. marilu1969 says:

    My husband is a sweet, generous and compassionate man; but lately he has been getting uncontrollable spurts of anger. I do not notice until I am playing around with him and he plays so rough that he hurts me. Not to the point of braking a bone or bleeding but for me to scream stop. He does not understand why and what triggers it. I asked him if he was feeling insecure, resentful or bitter about something and he just says I do not even know what causes it. If he knew what it was he would be able to communicate more. HELP me.

    ... on July April 17th, 2012
  10. mike says:

    I, believe i have and anger disorder of some sort, i almost killed my wife for the second time in a month among smashing valuable things and things that mean a lot to me, i get mad at the smallest thing. The other night all she did was raise her voice a little and i threw my wedding band in her face rather hard. today i came close to stabbing her i have no idea where all this comes from i am a rather calm guy and not much bothers me. please help just need advice and pointed in the right direction.

    ... on July August 12th, 2012

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